Getting Robbed, 50 Best Chinese Restaurants and New Food Blog

Getting fingerprinted by the NYPD.

So I’m revamping this website and it’ll be a work in process. But here are my notable headlines from the past couple of months. It’s been crazy hectic.

-After getting robbed in broad daylight (no worries we weren’t at home), I was motivated to write a piece for the NYTimes’s East Village blog.

-My extensive list on the 50 Best Chinese Restaurants in the USA  exploded overnight, with over 1,700 Facebook likes. It was syndicated on and OC Weekly’s Dave Lieberman called my piece the “first ever worthy national-media list of Chinese restaurants.”

– Although not as hyped up, but close to my heart was a guide on Suzhou for CNNGo. The memories of taking a lone daytrip by myself to the city and madly snapping photographs while being scammed by a pedicab driver. Ah. Good times.

– Writing this piece on leukemia patient Janet Liang was one of the most compelling stories I’ve worked on in recent weeks. Not only do Asians make up a mere 7% of the bone marrow registry, approximately 50% of all ethnic minorities contacted will not push through with donating. Conversely, over 70% of Caucasian donors will proceed with donating if called as a possible match.

-I also started up a blog called SGVFoodie . Coverage of the 626 by people in the 626. It’s still in it’s infant stages, but we’ll see what happens.