LA Weekly: L.A.’s Idea of Taiwanese Food vs What Taiwanese People Really Eat

My latest piece on LA Weekly’s Squid Ink:

Venn Diagram

Okay guys, let’s start by saying that Taiwanese food is definitely not orange chicken or broccoli and beef. The Taiwanese grandmothers — or “ah-mahs” — of the San Gabriel Valley would shudder at that thought.

And it’s not the same thing as Chinese food — no matter where you stand on the political spectrum of “Taiwan belongs to China,” or “Taiwan and China are NOT the same country.” That’s like saying Italian food is the same thing as American food, which doesn’t make any sense. In today’s edition of Venn Food Diagrams, we explore the cuisine of the small island of Taiwan, where the food tends to be one of the defining features of the country — er, province.

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  1. actorsdiet

    that piece brought me to your blog – i just have to say, i can now confirm i really am taiwanese…drool!