10 Classic Taiwanese Dishes

Here’s another Weekly blog piece.

Venture into a mom-and-pop Taiwanese restaurant in the San Gabriel Valley and first-timers will undoubtedly be intimidated. The menus read much like those of strictly Chinese restaurants, but it’s the subtle and uniquely Formosan dishes that make the experience that much more authentic.
Fried tofu that reeks of sewage but tastes absolutely phenomenal? Omelets with a layer of goo and embedded oysters? Before you pass on these unconventional exotic appetizers, note that Taiwan is one of the culinary centers of East Asia. These guys know their food.

Now there’s none of that bubble tea and shaved ice nonsense in our list. We stuck with the basics: traditional, homey dishes that are the favorites and staples of the local Taiwanese. Turn the page for our 10 Classic Taiwanese dishes, in alphabetical order.