Village Voice: A Slice of Taiwan with Food and Booze

Wrote this piece for the Voice on TAP-NYC’s night market on Laf on Friday.

By 7 p.m. on Friday, the atmosphere outside of the old firehouse on Lafayette was already beginning to look impatient. Bouncers checked for ticket confirmations and a long line of people wrapped around the building. This was TAP-NYC’s first annual Taiwanese night market, and the event had been sold out for a solid week already. It was a three-hour festival of food vendors, raffles, and performances. The goal: to bring a part of Taiwan to New York City.

“We just hope to give people what a taste of Taiwan is like with a New York flair,” Charles Pan, internal vice president of TAP-NYC, said.

And what transpired inside the building was as Pan described — a solid mixture of both the New York and Taiwanese scene. The atmosphere was strictly New York. Music reverberated from wall to wall; people were dressed up and moved to the beat. Dim floor lights lighted up the space and the booze was free-flowing. A couple of traditional Taiwanese games were siphoned off to the corner, but the focus wasn’t on the beats or the crowd.

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