Night Market Frenzy

Sometimes I feel like I’m in my own crazed newsroom.

Whereas other lifestyle journalists are out there covering mainstream stuff like Coachella and PebbleBeachFood&Wine, I’m interviewing people about Asian night markets. It’s been a long week of night market coverage for both New York and Los Angeles but I can definitely say there were a lot of similarities between the two. The main one: both were over-crowded to the point of discomfort. The Los Angeles one obviously more so, but even the New York market was sold out for a solid week.

This all really goes to show the potential of Asia-America. An estimated 30,000 people at the Los Angeles event? The high demand for a night market is extremely promising and it’s really a testament to an untapped market and just an opportunity to really bring a relatively unknown foodie niche into mainstream culture.

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