My interview with Michellin-starred Chef Ho Chee Boon of Hakkasan New York

I interviewed Chef Ho Chee Boon, the executive chef of Hakkasan New York, who talked about his 24 years of experience at several of the world’s most renowned Asian restaurants. Ho is a pioneer in Chinese haute cuisine and is currently working on expanding the Hakkasan brand in the United States.

My favorite part of the interview: “Everyone’s preferences from all the regions of the world is different. In Asia, especially in Hong Kong, the people prefer traditional Cantonese food. They prefer much lighter flavors as opposed to people here in America who prefer heavier tones. When I was in Dubai, I realized they liked foods that are heavy in spices.”

This seems to be a trend with the Chinese chefs I’ve interviewed – from Suzie’s on Bleecker to solid Chinese restaurants in the SGV. The bottom line has been Americans prefer saucier and heavier foods, and restaurants will accommodate accordingly to those preferences.

My goal is to find Chinese restaurants who stick to the traditions of their province.

This was my first interview conducted completely in Chinese. Check it out here.