Shaanxi Gourmet: Xi’an Food, Lamb Pao Mo

Headed over to Shaanxi Gourmet for a business meeting today. I was expecting to find dao xiao noodles but they didn’t have any. Fail internet research. Lesson learned.

Decided to make the best of the experience anyways. The exterior of the restaurant was flanked by two Terracotta soldier figurines. Fitting, considering that the terracotta soldiers are from Xi’an (a city in the Shaanxi province).

Note for the Chinese illiterate: the entire menu is in Chinese. I asked the server for the two most popular dishes and we were brought the lamb pao mo [样泡馍, $7.95] and the lamb hamburger [肉夹馍, $3.50].

The white, doughy pieces in the lamb pao mo are the noodle equivalent in this particular dish. It has a texture of noodles and is accompanied with thin pieces of vermicelli and slices of lamb.

With the exception of a lay-over in Xi’an, I’ve never actually had the cuisine in its entirely so I can’t vouch for Shaanxi in terms of authenticity - but I must say, as someone who is typically adverse to lamb and Northwestern China food, this was a pleasant surprise. In comparison to my other experiences with northwestern Chinese food, the fare at Shaanxi wasn’t too heavy at all.


Called the owner. He’s actually from the Shaanxi province. (And to be honest, the food is a huge contrast to Shaanxi favorite JTYH — which was originally a Taiwanese joint. But more on that later..)

Shaanxi Gourmet
8518 Valley Blvd
Ste 102
Rosemead, CA 91770