Floating Down On A Bamboo Raft in Guilin: River Restaurants + Beer Battered Fish

River restaurant on the right.

Okay. Pitch for all you travel/food casting directors out there. I’d love to see this scene on television one day.

In Guilin there’s a well-known tourist attraction at the Li River where you hop on a bamboo raft and float downstream for a good hour. Along the way you’ll encounter restaurants perched on top a large bamboo mat who will be selling beer, beer fish, and beer-battered fish. Now beer-battered fish is a Guilin specialty dish. The fish is a carp from the Li River itself.

The process: your raft steerer will ask whether or not you want to stop to grab a couple of beers or two (it’s customary to treat them to a drink). The restauranteur will pull the raft in with a stick and you’ll literally be sitting on a bamboo impromptu restaurant sipping on a cold beer and eating fish from the river below.

No worries at a missed opportunity — you’ll encounter at least a dozen of these river restaurants along the way.

Beer-battered fish

Beer Fish