Guilin’s Farmers Market: Eating Dogs and Cats

Fair warning, the post contains graphic pictures of butchered dogs and cats.

We took a cooking class in Guilin but before the actual cooking, we were taken to the local farmers market to get a glimpse of daily life. With a few exceptions, the market had the usual fruits, vegetable and meat offerings.

Now Yangshou is a heavy tourist attraction and the farmers market is constantly being flooded with wide-eyed foreigners. Our guide advised us to tone it down and be sensitive to the local businesses — they tended to get annoyed with the extra foot traffic and DSLR-equipped tourists.

The dog and cats vendors were especially hostile. Understandable — I can’t even imagine all the hate they get from tourists on a daily basis. There were “no picture taking” signs posted up everywhere and they snapped at us for lingering. We managed to snap a couple of photographs anyways. A side note: they choose the short haired dogs for consumption. Easier to breed and butcher I suppose.

Dog meat is typically used in hot pots. Their meat is much more warmth-inducing.

Here are the photos, courtesy of Becca Zeidman (I forgot to bring my camera around that day — fail).