From the Chef of JTYH: How To Make Dao Xiao Mian

More noodle coverage from me:

10 Best Handmade Chinese Noodle Restaurants in Los Angeles: “There are few things in life better than a bowl of authentic and properly-constructed handmade noodles. Even in the San Gabriel Valley, it’s hard to find a noodle place with the real thing, made by a seasoned chef trained in China. We’ve encountered some: Kam Hong Garden from Shanxi, Sweethome Grill from Henan, and Shaanxi Gourmet from Shaanxi. Noodle making is a dying art form; chefs who can properly make a bowl of mian stand out.” [LA Weekly]

Q & A with Shi Peng and Phillip Fu of JTYH: Noodle-Making, Media Fame + A Noodle Video
: “JYTH Restaurant has long been a favorite among seekers of handmade noodles in Los Angeles. They’re one of the few restaurants in Los Angeles that makes Shanxi knife-shaved noodles (dao xiao mian 刀削面), and chef Shi Peng does it with a thin metal blade he made himself.” [LA Weekly]