Snapshots from Beijing: Sheep Penis, Silkworms, and Scorpions

I hated Beijing. After spending considerable amounts of time in Shanghai, perhaps the most metropolitan city in mainland China, Beijing was just a sad downgrade. Horrible pollution, rude taxi drivers and an elitist attitude all around.

The saving grace was the food. Now anyone who has spent considerable time in China knows that Beijing is known for their Peking duck. Though we did have our fair indulgence of duck, it was the street food that stood out.

Beijing’s Donghuamen Street is one of the most popularized places for weird street foods, and of course, I had to check it out. Since the Olympics, they’ve really had to clean up their act, but it’s become a huge tourist attraction. It’s got nothing on Taiwan in terms of offerings and the set-up really isn’t impressive at all. It’s just a long line of stalls with identical menus. But what makes Donghuamen stand out is the weird factor.

Now I have a running photo archive of the weirdest offerings here. Will be posting a few each week. Here we have sheep penis, silkworm, and scorpions. All edible.