Clarissa Catches and Eats Her Own Prawns

Oh the joy of catching, roasting, then eating your own food. After a good couple of hours of ah-gei eating and Danshui exploring, we settled at this shrimp fishery (can I call it that?) also in Danshui.

Now, the next three hours were probably one of the most epic ones of my Taiwan trip. Here’s the set-up: You get to choose between fishing the female variety or the male. It was 600 NT (around $20) for two hours of fishing. Poles and bait (liver and baby shrimp) included.

Of course we opted for the male fish. They’re larger — which means more meat. I’ll admit, I screamed when the first one came out. These are not regular shrimp. They’re giant river prawns…with blue claws that snap and twitch around violently when they are fished out of the water.

Unhooking them is another challenge in itself. By now, the shrimp has swallowed the bait. The key is to hold their claw while you try to pry the hook out of its throat.

By two hours we had only caught 12 between four people. The count was disappointing, but the meat sure wasn’t. You skewer and roast the shrimp yourself and there’s a complimentary salt plate that you season the shrimp with. Pop them in the oven for a couple of minutes before consumption, of course.

These were amazing. They taste like a lobster-shrimp love child. The exoskeleton is as hard as a lobster and the insides are unbelievably meaty. Dip them in soy sauce and vinegar and you’ve got yourself a delicious, steaming hard-earned meal.

Name: 大泉鉤蝦場
How to get there: Take the bus number 37 to 黄昏市场 from the MRT station at Danshui. Keep walking toward the same direction where the bus is going and destination will be on the right.