Dangerously Delicious Mango & Pineapple Fruit Beer

I’m going to make a huge confession.  I hate beer.

This, however, was a very, very odd exception.

Meet fruit beer.

Introduced in early April, pineapple and mango beers are relatively new products in the Taiwanese market. They were so popular that the company had a difficult time keeping up with the demand. Word on the street was that the pineapple version tastes like Taiwanese pineapple cake.

I can confirm that this rumor is true. It did sort of taste like a liquid version of the famous 鳳梨酥.

J & I picked these up at our local 7-Eleven in Taipei. Popped them open during a movie marathon and sipped it with some dried almonds and anchovies (ah, I miss you Taiwanese snacks). Good thing we only bought two, or else we would’ve just kept on drinking. So dangerously yummy.

What will they think of next?

According to sources, orange and grape will be the next Taiwanese fruit beer flavors and will hit the market in 2013.