Win A Free Restaurant Week Dinner For Two At Del Mar Rendezvous

San Diego-ans (or wishful visitors)! I’m teaming up with the kind staff over at Del Mar Rendezvous to give away a  free Restaurant Week dinner for two ($30 value each).


All you have to do is LIKE my Facebook page ( and leave a comment on this post on what your favorite Chinese restaurant is. Elaboration on why welcomed but not required.

Include: Name, Email, Fav Chinese Restaurant Name.

Yes, I’ll be checking on whether or not you “liked” my Facebook page. No bias here. I’ll be randomly drawing a name using a computer generator and will notify the winner next week on Thursday, September 6.

Fine print: Contest ends Thursday, September 6 at 12:00 am. It’s for two dinners including upgrades to either the Mongolian Rack of Lamb and/or Chilean Sea Bass and good for the dates of Sept. 8 – 30.

How’s the food? I wrote about it here.



  1. Esther Cheng

    Hey Clarissa!

    Overall, San Diego’s Chinese food scene isn’t all too great, but one of the places that I have enjoyed the most is Yenchim Garden Restaurant.They have 2 menus – one in English and one in Chinese, but the Chinese menu has more authentic dishes such as a really delicious and semi-spicy beef noodle soup, and another dish with chitterling!

    Another place that I like and recently discovered is called China Wok (also in SD). I really like the place because they have knife-cut noodles (although it’s on their “secret”/Chinese menu)…yum!

    Keep up the great work : )

  2. Trinh Le

    Hi there! I don’t have favorites for Chinese restaurants but one of the places i eat at the most is Mayflower Seafood Restaurant in Downtown LA. (: I want to go to San Diego because my home boy lives there.

  3. Faye

    My favorite Chinese restaurant is called “Long Chua Shou”(The english romanization of the name) and it is in Hong Kong Plaza in Rowland Heights. Everything I’ve ever had on the menu was DELICIOUS. There is a super cute large tortoise that lives in a glass case up at the desk(where you pay) and he is a sweetie. As everyone eats, he munches on his lettuce<3333

    As a non-Asian, many a time I feel uncomfortable because of the stares and looks I get. Here, they don't ever stare at me funny at all. Actually, one of the waitresses even told me I was pretty~!! Great service, CHEAP food which is great quality. YOU MUST GO HERE.

  4. Judith

    Hmm…I have to say that after hearing how San Diego didn’t have any good Chinese restaurants, I was pleasantly surprised when I found that that it wasn’t as bad as people claimed it was. One of my favorite places is China Max, which I went to with a group for a graduation dinner. Another place that I’ve gone for dimsum is Jasmine Seafood Restaurant. Both are in Kearny Mesa.
    But then of course, nothing beats Asian food in Rowland Heights/Arcadia/Monterey Park…too many great places there to name :]

  5. Cheryl E

    My favorite is PF Changs but am always looking for new good restaurants. I’ll have to try some of the places others have mentioned. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Lynn

    I like Pearl Chinese Cuisine but a bit bias since the wedding food is so awesome (omg the sea bass and filet mignon bird’s nest)….

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