Moving In + My Week In Food: Taiwanese Breakfast, Most Authentic Taiwanese Resto

As a writer, I like to be technologically comfortable. For me that means fast Internet connection, a powerplug somewhere for peace of mind, and a working Logitech Everywhere mouse. Oh, and air conditioning.

I swear I’m not always this messy. #hatemovingin

Unfortunately, this week — all of the above have failed on me. It’s mostly because I packed my bags from Los Angeles and moved back to New York City for my final semester of school last weekend. Yes FINAL semester (whoot) and because of the explosive 626 scene, I will be moving back to Los Angeles after my much anticipated December 17 finals. And Los Angeles is just better. Period. Sorry New York, but your cold winters, humid summers, crappy Chinese food and the frighteningly intense aura people end up adopting when they move over here (guilty) is just not for me. I’ll miss you terribly though.

But thank god for Starbucks WiFi and the fact that there’s a coffee shop on every other corner. I’ve ended up pushing out a lot of fun pieces this week about my dear hometown of LA.

1) 10 Best Taiwanese Breakfasts In LA : And I thought eating ten bowls of noodles in a week was bad. Noodles have got nothing on the heavy, starchy insanity that are Taiwanese/Northern Chinese breakfasts. Yo — Asian people aren’t skinny because of the food they eat. That’s seriously just a bad, bad common misconception. 

2) Most authentic Taiwanese restaurant [in America?] shutting down: Unless someone can prove me wrong, I’m officially dubbing Happy Garden as the most authentic or just best Taiwanese restaurant in the United States. Get there quick — and read the article if you want suggestions on what to order.

3) 626 Night Market Part 3: I’m so proud of these guys. I remember when I pushed out one of the first articles on them back in the spring, when none of the mainstream media even knew or cared about their cause. Yeah guys, the 626 food scene is going to — should already — be big. Pay attention.

Credit: Pauline Tse

4) Milk and Honey opening up in San Gabriel: Another boba/dessert/Taiwanese cafe is coming to town. They’ve already made a name for themselves in the Cerritos-Artesia area. Wonder if they’ll be able to stand up to the stiff competition in the heart of the SGV. They are doing to their desserts what places like Half & Half and Honey Boba have done to boba. Everything is elaborate and over-the-top.

OH. And Village Voice’s Fork in the Road (which I write for on a regular, daily basis) was named the number one food blog in the States, followed by LA Weekly’s Squid Ink. Proud to be part of both of those teams.