Happy Autumn! What I’ve Been Working On

Still working. And yes, that’s Duff Goldman in the background.

Wow. So the last few weeks I’ve been terribly M.I.A. Literally out of it. I was dealing with a lot of drama in my personal life and neglected updating. Don’t worry — re-runs of Sex & The City, Friends, and my weekly fixture of Downton Abbey (Mmm… Matthew Crawley anyone?) did the trick.

It was rough. And as if things couldn’t get any better, I’m dealing with a tremendously painful bruise on my nose because I ran into the door full-speed ahead. True story.

But although not as much as usual, the writing still had to be done. Here’s what I’ve been working on:

1) I’m An Asian Woman And I Think Asian Boyfriends Are Superior  I don’t want to feed the trolls so I’ll just leave this as it is. But goddamn people, read the first paragraph: “It has nothing to do with skin color and everything to do with cultural upbringing. But if we’re going to talk about stereotypes, then I will have to declare from personal experience: Asian men are the best ones to date.”

2) Best Five Pork Buns In New York Momofuku wins. And although David Chang’s pork buns are glorious — I still think the whole pork bun obsession is overrated. It’s seriously a New York fad. We have pork belly buns in Los Angeles (especially in the Taiwanese breakfast eateries) but there aren’t entire message boards dedicated to them.

3) Spice Market Seasonal Specialities With the exception of the Shanghai noodles, I really enjoyed Spice Market. I wasn’t a big fan of Jean-Georges Shanghai, but Spice Market really hit the spot. It’s not a seasonal speciality, but the pork belly is heavenly. 

4) Q & A with Johnny Lee — Chef of Spirit House in the SGV So I’ve only been to Spirit House once. Sure it’s located in a run-down hotel, but the interior of the bar is nice. There’s also a fire-pit that will definitely impress. My rec for 626ers? Ditch the generic Old Town Pasadena dinner date with obscene prices. Grab a cheap dinner at Yunkun Garden or Mama Lu’s across the street, then head to Spirit House for some post-dinner drinks (calpico cocktail everyone!), delicious bar food (Panang fries), and snuggle up near the fire pit.

5) A bunch of recipes that I tried and (sometimes) failed. I’m writing for CityEats and doing a weekly recipe feature. The only thing? I’m really not much of a cook. What I’ve done so far: tomato soup with cheddar melt, potato “waffle” (turned out to be a pancake), grilled corn, avgolemono, and lamb sloppy joes.

6) I found decent Chinese food in NYC! (Except it’s a Los Angeles import) And for those who think I’m a Los Angeles Chinese food snob … there just isn’t any great Chinese food in New York. Period. I’m not the only one who thinks this.