Haute Yunnan Cuisine: Comparing Crossing Over Bridge Noodles

So I finally did it. I made the trek to the two fanciest Yunnan restaurants in New York City. Now I’ve done my fair share of research on Yunnan food and I didn’t really go in expecting authenticity.

Were the Crossing Over Bridge Noodles at Yunnan Kitchen and Lotus Blue traditionally made? Not at all. Lotus Blue had rose petals in it…

Tasty? Kind of. Not memorable though. (Yunnan Kitchen more so than Lotus Blue. But the broth in Yunnan Kitchen was a little bit too reminiscent of Campbells’ chicken noodle soup)

At both Lotus Blue and Yunnan Kitchen, they pour the broth in separately table-side.

Lotus Blue version

Yunnan Kitchen

What is authentic Yunnan food then? Check out this piece I did for Serious Eats.