Warming Up To Thailand

[[November 20, 2012]]

“Get out of bed.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Stop crying.”

“I can’t.”

“Do you want to go to Asia in the winter with me and dad? Get your mind off of things? I’ll ask one of your friends to tag along.”

“I don’t care.”

There’s something about the loss of first love that makes you terribly apathetic about the future. (Yeah, alright you guys called it) All things considering, when I’m sane and rational, I enjoy planning. I find no greater joy than seeing the rows of different colored annotations in my calendar. It’s even better when the events are food centric.

But that Thanksgiving weekend and the torturous weeks thereafter, nothing seemed remotely joyous. The post-breakup world is all terribly clichè.

In short, I stopped living. So even though I was riding elephants, frolicking with trannys, swimming in pristine waters, helmet diving and eating exotic fruit in Thailand, I was at my absolute worst.

PicMonkey Collagefloatingmarket (The food is from the Pattaya Floating Market. Beautiful outdoor market that’s literally on the river)

Flash forward to New Years Eve in Bangkok. It’s 9 pm and Emerlyn and I had just woken up from a quick nap. Every molecule of my body refused to leave the room. But this was our one opportunity to escape from the pack and sample the infamous Bangkok night scene. I refused to be that lame.

I forced myself to get out of bed and though I opted for a rather plain T-shirt, I threw on a pair of shorts and heels to compensate for my reluctance to go all-out. “Good enough,” I thought. We hopped in a cab to the RCA district and right when we exited, we see dozens of kids our age in full clubbing gear. At this point, I began to regret my sloppiness. We followed the crowd and there it was in front of us, an amphitheater of bodies and booze. American music and good-looking people.

We drank, we danced, we mingled. I met a Canadian drug journalist. Emerlyn was accompanied by a math major from Connecticut (and that’s all the information we got out of him).

And though I spent the last seconds of 2012 alone without a New Years kiss because I was frantically trying to locate Emerlyn… somehow, somewhere from the intoxicated evening of it all arose this photograph:


Club: Route 66
Address: Bang Kapi, Huai Khwang Bangkok 10310, Thailand



  1. Protocol Snow

    Beautiful post. Maybe this is too personal, but I would love to read a post about how you frantically flew across the country to have just one final hour with him. Sounds straight out of a movie!

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