Crossing Over Bridge Noodles at 康惠正宗蒙自过桥米线 in Lijiang

Lugu Lake

Lugu Lake

The province of Yunnan in southwest China is as beautiful as the fiction makes it out to be. It is the home of Shangri-La, a term synonymous with paradise à la a 1933 novel by British author James Hilton. Yunnan also boasts the highest concentration of ethnic minorities in China, matriarchal societies where the women, dressed from head-to-toe in bright, bold colors, are the head of the households. Nature is looked upon in favor. It’s a place that’s exclusive to particular breeds of funghi because the air is just that clear. The region’s lake waters are so pristine you can drink out of them. At Lugu Lake, anything but man-powered water transportation is prohibited.

Sit still and quietly at one of the province’s rural ethnic enclaves and you can hear the faint singing of a woman, vocalizing the ancient folksongs of her tribe. It’s not Chinese. It’s Mosuo.

Crossing Over Bridge Noodles

When we landed in Lijiang, the first order of business was to try the province’s Crossing Over Bridge Noodles and for less than $5 USD, we truly got more than we bargained for.

Hot, oily chicken broth with rice noodles and a plethora of fresh vegetables, mushrooms, tempura, fish and pickled vegetables. Add a dollop of their house-made hot sauce for a extra kick.

The whole meal comes with a platter of ingredients, a large bowl of broth and hot sauce condiments on the side. And according to the instructions, you put in the raw quail egg and meat in first and the noodles last. Now I’ve done quite a number of pieces on Crossing Over Bridge Noodles in the past. And though the serving methods are consistent with the New York locations (Lotus Blue and Yunnan Kitchen), the taste was much more similar to the Los Angeles versions.


Store: 康惠正宗蒙自过桥米线
Address:丽江 古城区 福慧路565
Phone Number:0888-5185186