Stone Hot Pot In The Bitter Cold Of Lijiang

Mention the words hot pot or shabu shabu and I assure you, I’ll be down.

The concept in itself brings warmth to my heart. Perhaps it was the countless holidays my family spent gathered around the ceramic hot pot. It was the only time my parents let me “cook.” I’d go straight for the vegetables while my brother was partial to the beef (what teenage boy isn’t?). And while everyone else opted for rice as their side, I would stick in a large helping of cellophane noodles until they became fat and juicy with broth.

It was also the first Chinese food bonding experience I had with my college floor mates in freshman year.

“It’s like fondue..but in water.”

They stared in horror at the red, glistening mala broth.

“Is that really spicy?”

“It’s bearable.”

By the end of the night, they all were beet red. Sichuan hot pot is a killer.

Yunnan hot pot?

hotpot2 Collage

Mushrooms and chicken are at the heart of the experience. Seafood, wild vegetables and fish balls are the icing on top. The meal is cooked in an embedded stone pot. The mushrooms are put in first. Add the straw hat to keep in the heat and wait ten minutes. Then you add all the raw ingredients.

Fish and beef tripe

Fish and beef tripe

Restaurant: 石锅渔
Address: 长水路四方庙会内 Changshui Rd, Gucheng, Lijiang, Yunnan, China
Phone NUmber: +86 888 511 4369