SGV: Pre-Made Chinese Herbal Meal

A family friend recently reached out to me about a catering business she started. It’s called Meal4Mom and it’s a pre-cooked meal service that targets pregnant moms. All the meals are Chinese and have herbal bases.

She sent over her Confinement Diet (藥膳養生餐), a total of 12 dishes, which goes up to only 2000 calories. It came with two breakfast dishes, four for lunch, four for dinner, an herbal soup and one dessert. It’s designed for people with special needs (especially after-labor, menopause or after-surgey).

Now — disclaimer —  at 21-years-old, I suffer from none of the above (knock on wood) but it didn’t stop me for eating every single dish. Dishes ranged from chicken with beans, liver soup, eggs, soba noodles, assorted vegetables and herbal chicken broth.


PicMonkey Collage4

The price range is around $70-90 but well worth it especially if you’re confined at home and don’t want to settle for mediocre microwavable foods. The herbal components are comforting — especially when it’s freezing outside. And truth be told, unless you’re a heavy eater, these twelve dishes are good for multiple days. You don’t need to be pregnant to order these meals (god knows I’m not) and it’s just an all-around solid catering company. They’re based in the San Gabriel Valley and will hand-deliver the food to you at your front door. All meals are made the morning of.

Their website is all in Chinese but email for details and ordering information (yes, they’ll respond in English).