Week of 2/23 : Chinese Islamic Food, Indonesian In LA, I Make Salad


1) I checked out China Islamic Restaurant, one of few Northern-style Islamic joints in Los Angeles. Perhaps what is so alluring about this particular restaurant is the diversity of their clients. There is always a solid mix of Chinese and Arab customers. China Islamic has been in business for over two decades; here’s a guide to some of their most popular dishes. (Serious Eats)


2) Indonesian food is fundamentally earthy: Think of spicy red sambal sauce paired with ayam goreng (fried chicken), or fish paste balls and a creamy peanut sauce over lean bean sprouts and crispy green vegetables. Meals are sometimes served on banana leaves, and each dish is designed to stuff you full. And if you’re into exotic fruit, all of these places serve up a mean durian milkshake. (LA Weekly)

3) Devouring Valley Blvd:  a guide to great SGV restaurants + a video of me explaning some of my picks! (CitySearch)


4) Korean BBQ Update: Oo-Kook Now Open in the SGV + A Salad Bar (LA Weekly)

5) Check out my fancy salad makin’ skills. (CityEats)

6) Refrigerator Raid: Gaurav Anand of Moti Mahal Delux (CityEats)

…And on a relevant note, check out the new music video from the Fung Brothers on the 626 boba tea culture

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