Week of 3/2: Tianjin Buns, Chinese Wedding + An Emotional Confession

I went on the prowl for Tianjin-style buns and listed four of my favorites. (LA Weekly)

Last summer, the family and I were invited to a wedding banquet in Taichung. Obviously, I shot photos of all the food. Check it out. (Serious Eats)


I know there’s a risk of backlash when I put myself out there like this, but these last few months have been so enlightening I had to share. Plus, I seriously would’ve saved myself a lot of money on self-help books if I had figured out this solution three months ago. I present to you: How I Crawled Out Of Post Break Up Depression By Dating Myself. (xoJane)

One of my favorite recipes and I’ll confess — I ended up eating the entire thing by myself. Here’s my attempt at a roasted cauliflower tart from Brandon McGlamery. (CityEats)

Alain Allegretti’s fridge absolutely cracked me up. But it’s so true. Chefs are so busy cooking at work that they rarely even feel like touching the stove at home. Allegretti takes that concept to the extreme. (CityEats)