Top 10 Hainan Chicken; My LA Times Piece On Tianjin Breakfast

Here’s a updated list of what I’ve been working on in the past weeks:

10 Best Hainan Chicken Dishes in Los Angeles: 10) Yazmin 9) Tasty Garden 8) Nha Trang 7) Sticky Rice 6) Jitlada 5) Siam Sunset 4) Tasty Choice 3) Dong Nguyen 2) Green Zone 1) Savoy.

I’ve started writing profiles for KCET and my first one is a feature on Jonny Hwang, the man behind the 626 Night Market. “In retrospect, Hwang’s background has groomed him to be the ideal leader of the 626. Born in Taiwan but raised in Monterey Park, he notes that he was hyperaware of the community issues Asians faced in Los Angeles. “I thought this place was the weirdest thing when I first moved here. All the signs were in Chinese,” he says. “I didn’t understand why people here didn’t want to assimilate.”

Dating can be a pain in the San Gabriel Valley but thankfully, after a decade of living here, I’ve figured it out. I compiled a list of romantic night out ideas for local lovebirds. You’re welcome. “OK — we’ll admit it. The San Gabriel Valley doesn’t exactly have the hottest dating scene in Los Angeles. It’s mostly suburbia, there aren’t much nightlife options and Angelenos don’t really make the trek over unless it’s for good Chinese food or a happy hour deal at some swanky Pasadena watering hole. But rest assured, if you’re in the 626 and looking for a way to charm your date, we’ve got the perfect roundup for you.”

I’m also a contributor to the LA Times food blog now. Check out my first feature: Garage Restaurant, a Tianjin-style breakfast restaurant in Monterey Park. “Mung bean is a theme. It’s spread underneath the egg layer of the jianbing, and there’s a dish appropriately titled “crispy mung bean,” or gabacai, in which mung bean is the main highlight. The dish is composed of mung bean flakes drenched in a thick gravy of chili oil, light soy sauce, fermented milk, sesame sauce and parsley. It’s a simple dish, but it boasts more than 300 years of history and was popularized by Qianlong, the sixth emperor of the Qing Dynasty, after he discovered it on an undercover excursion to sample layman food.”

 Oh and our dim sum etiquette video came out. Check it out.


These were so tasty, I wish I had gotten more. Filipino-inspired gingerbread men anyone? “The concept is simple: gingerbread men with an Filipino twist. On their current menu: ube, red bean, macapuno (a Philippine variety of coconut that is soft and jelly-like) and green tea pandan.”