Inspirational Food Writing Pieces

“Another human being’s syntax is the soul’s water.” Compiling a list of beautiful food writing. Mostly for myself and personal inspiration but all are free to enjoy:

Enter the Comfort Zone at 606 R&D – Tejal Rao ” A man kisses his partner on the wrist when he arrives to the table and nudges forward a tiny ramekin of radish wedges and soft, salty butter (that’s amuse-bouche for I love you).”

Pok Pok Ny: Bangkok Pop, No Fetishes – Tejal Rao “You’re likely to enjoy most every dish, unless you bring along a killjoy who insists on measuring food’s authenticity by his own pseudoscientific criterion. In which case, my condolences. Nothing ruins dinner like asking to see its papers.”

Flame War – Jonathan Gold “… the fabled stinky bean, which smells like a bad day at the morgue, but tastes like what God probably had in mind when she came up with lima beans.”

Fuchsia Dunlop: London’s Chinatown “Waitstaff across Chinatown would then tell me how Westerners usually made trouble when they were given the kind of dishes Chinese people liked best. They would moan about bones and cartilage, send shell-on prawns back to the kitchen, be shocked by chicken that was a little pink along the bones, and accuse staff of trying to cheat them by serving cheap, fatty pork.”

Will Forage for Food? Chefs at Eva Take Weeding to a New Level – Amy Scattergood “A minute later it’s poured tableside, the lace of the fennel rising as the soup falls, like leaves atop a miniature pond. You lift your spoon. The nasturtium leaves sway in the pass. You feel as if you’re in a garden that hasn’t stopped growing.”