More On Best Friends

So the other day I wrote this piece about best friends for xojane.



But in all seriousness, it was just one of those topics that came to me on a busy weekday afternoon. Sometimes I get a surge of motivation and that day I was just feeling particularly thankful. 

In some ways, the piece can come off as really cynical — depending on how you look at it. I guess I should kind of clarify. I’m not this anti-men-anti-boyfriend extremist. I adore my boyfriend and believe it’s all about finding a balance. Do I hang out with him more than my girl friends? Yes.

But at least now I make a conscious effort to set time aside for the girls.

My main takeaway from all of this is to not devalue the importance of platonic friendships and to be aware that those relationships are just as important as any romantic relationship.  

Do romantic relationships inevitably end? 

Well, all relationships at some point will end…whether it’s via a breakup or on the deathbed. So the ones who have stuck in your life longer…they deserve constant recognition and appreciation.

Here are the comments that made me smile: