Dinner Over Beijing Pies

The other day I had dinner with NJinLA and  we met over Beijing meat pies — perfectly, round-disks of deep fried dough stuffed with meat and chopped vegetables. One bite into it and a hot juice will ooze out. Pair it with chilies if you want, but it’s perfectly fragrant by itself.

Screw dumplings. (I’ve never understood the vast fascination the greater LA area has with dumplings) Change it up a little guys. These meat pies are perfect for those who gush over the juicy interior of xiaolongbaos, guo tie and things of that nature. This is the ultimate pan-fried hot pocket. It’s $6.59 for four and skip the noodles. They’re mediocre at best.



Beijing Pie House
846 E Garvey Ave,
Monterey Park, CA 91755