Quirky frozen pops at the Ice Bar


Name of restaurant: The Ice Bar. A dessert shop that sells frozen dessert bars.

Chef: Eugene Mar. He fell in love with food at a young age, went to UC Riverside to study business and is pursuing his dream of starting a restaurant. The Ice Bar is his first. Max Boonthanakit, a former pastry cook at Ink and Bazaar helped Kang develop the gels that he uses in the bars.

Concept: A boutique dessert shop with high-end, quirky pops. They also have Fosselman’s ice cream and specialty drinks from around the world.

What dish represents the restaurant, and why? The blueberry and Korean pear pop because it’s a combination of American and Asian-inspired flavors. All the ingredients are made in-house the day before. The aforementioned pop is decorated by a whimsical blend of blueberry and Calpico gel. It’s garnished with lemon thyme and Thai basil and jasmine powder is sprinkled on last like pixie dust.

Who’s at the next table? Local high school wanderers, the occasional college student and avid Instagrammers who spotted the hash-tagged creations the day before.

Appropriate for…: A great alternative to traditional ice cream, a quick solution to a blistering hot day or a post-dinner dessert.

Uh-oh…: Popular pops like the nutella banana tend to run out during peak hours. Plus, West Covina can be a little isolated.

Service: The Ice Bar can be short-staffed at times but Mar is always there.

What are you drinking? A cooled can of Calpico. The Ice Bar sports a sweet repertoire of unique drinks ranging from Galco’s root beer to soda from France.

As featured on the Los Angeles Times. Read more here