Build Your Own Chirashi: Murakami Shutting Down [Temporarily]


I am so glad I finally got to this place. Murakami specializes in chirashi bowls and for $12 to 17 bucks a pop, the price range is remarkably reasonable. While they have customized bowls on the menu, you can go for their build-your-own option.

They’ve really got the entire package: fresh fish, generous portion-size and killer pricing. They’re fantastic with the seasoning and that eel was surprisingly creamy. Murakami is the idyllic lunch spot and while the neighborhood isn’t great, I found myself between bites becoming increasingly envious of those who lived or worked within walking distance.


Unfortunately for patrons, they’re shutting down in the end of September so put this on top of your culinary bucket list now. The staff is reassuring customers that they will be re-opening again — just at a new location. The new joint isn’t confirmed yet, but you can opt to put your name on a list and they’ll send out details once it’s finalized.


Murakami Sushi
1714 N Wilcox Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90028