A Little Tokyo Food Crawl

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In a city where cars are king, Little Tokyo is a miniature oasis where walking is actually rewarded. Roughly three-square miles in size, it’s bordered, more or less, by Temple Street to the north, Third or Fourth Street to the south, Los Angeles Street to the west, and Alameda Street to the east.

While only about 1,000 Japanese people live within the borders of the neighborhood, it is still thriving, thanks in part to its quirky collection of historic and modern shops and restaurants.

Now, there are many ways to approach a food crawl, but we’ve compiled a sensible itinerary that won’t break the bank but will give you a holistic look at this miniature cultural mecca (For a historical look, check out Departures: Little Tokyo). Go with a couple of friends, order to share, and follow the directions below. As the Japanese would say before each meal, itadakimasu!

See what ten stops I picked here.