BeBe Fusion: A smorgasbord of Taiwanese street food


Name of restaurant: BeBe Fusion. A mash-up of the names of the owner’s kids — Belinda and Benjamin. The fusion component comes from plans to eventually offer Japanese food on the menu.

Chefs: Joe Wang and identical twins Danny and George Hong. They’re all Taiwanese-born chefs who have been cooking for 30-plus years.

What dish represents the restaurant, and why? The basil stinky tofu. Cut into French-fry-like strips, this dish stinks up the premises whenever they whip up a fresh batch. The tofu is fermented in weeks-old shrimp brine and comes with a garlic dipping sauce. Hold off on ordering this if you’re on your first date. BeBe’s tofu is unapologetically foul, but it’s just part of the charm of this restaurant. The chefs stick to tradition.

Runner-up: The “three cups” squid with equal parts black sesame oil, sugar and rice wine mixed with a hearty amount of basil, garlic and ginger. It’s served in a clay pot that keeps the dish sizzling and hot throughout the evening.

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