Will Be On KCET Talking Chinese Food On Oct 22

The other day I filmed a segment with KCET’s Global L.A. on Chinese food in Los Angeles.

They’re doing an episode on Asian Communities and of course — Chinese culture and food was one of the segments. Was interviewed briefly by host Angela May on the usual: which dim sum restaurant is my favorite (Lunasia), the 626 generation and on the background/history of dim sum.

Episode description:

Global LA’s new episode, Asian Fusion, looks at the unique mix of ethnicities in LA; including Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Thai, creating a food culture that is not like any other. LA offers one of the most authentic Asian food experiences in the whole of the US. Hosted by culinary TV presenter Angela May, the viewers will be taken on a whirlwind tour of Asian culinary delights from around the world, in regions as varied as China, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and of course Los Angeles. Angela will sample the mooncakes of Chinatown, the dim sum of San Gabriel Valley, the hot Thai spices of Thaitown, the dumplings of Koreatown and also some Vietnamese home cooking- all within LA- the melting pot that has a little bit of everything.


Joining me was David R. Chan, the amazing man who has eaten at 6,000+ Chinese restaurants who talked all about the growth of Chinese communities in Los Angeles, his amazing feat and he even brought his full Excel list — all printed out.

And of course, I put it on Instagram. Click here to see his list in video form.