Reasons To [Maybe] Go Vegetarian Now

Eek, is it just me, or is the news filled with warnings about food these days? Regardless, here are some compelling reasons to maybe lay off meat and fish for a while.

  1. There’s still arsenic in chicken feed. Granted the FDA has finally banned some of the drugs, one of them (nitarsone, specifically) is still allowed.
  2. Bluefin tuna caught off California coast is radioactive. But note that the elevated levels still remain below regulatory limits and most tuna eaten by Americans are usually farmed.
  3. Chicken recall & salmonella outbreak.
  4. And because of the government shutdown, here are some imported foods to avoid because FDA manpower has been dramatically decreased: imported shrimp from Southeast Asia, imported tilapia from China, some imported farmed Atlantic salmon from Chile and unknown fish of any kind. (But you really shouldn’t be eating mystery meat, regardless of the circumstances)

Anything else I’m missing?



  1. al

    another less extreme alternative to converting to vegeterianism would be to consume locally sourced product, buy directly from producer at the farmers market, or eat at restaurants sourcing ingredients locally, which may be more of a challenge when it comes to asian food.