Spirit House Launching Test Kitchen Concept


Spirit House is one of the only places to grab a craft beer in my area so it’s no wonder it’s kind of been my go-to recommendation whenever people want me to send them somewhere fancy. It’s in Monterey Park on the second floor of the Lincoln Hotel and there’s a nice repertoire of fancy drinks, Asian fusiony tapas and a fire pit.

Head chef Johnny Lee reached out to me recently and announced they’re opening their space to aspiring chefs and restaurateurs to test their food at the bar.

At Spirit House though we are looking at a way for local entrepreneurs in the San Gabriel Valley to come and try setting up a kitchen operation for the bar with very little risk to them but much more potential to learn if they have a good idea or not. We want to act as an incubator for the young folks who may want to get into the food business with an idea they have been thinking and working on for a while without having to invest too much money to start an actual business.

They key characteristics of the setup at Spirit House would be that you have run the food service a la provide your own staff, provide your own ingredients, and do most of the promoting albeit Spirit House would try it’s best to help promote guest chefs/operations.

I think there are many people who want their test their concepts without much financial investment or risk. I imagine that there are plenty of those who had stalls at the 626 Night Market may want a more consistent operation as well. We are open to almost any concepts, whether it just be burgers or ramen. I’d like to give everyone a chance to share their aspirations with the public.

In short, if you have a culinary-centric idea but want to test it out first before investing tons of money, hit up Spirit House first.

If you’re interested, shoot Johnny an email at johnlee104@gmail.com.

Credit: Johnny Lee

Credit: Johnny Lee


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