Updates: I Filmed A Commercial, Spoke On A Panel

1) I filmed a commercial for Chester’s Asia Restaurant in Camarillo The owner saw me in the World Journal and asked his PR group to reach out to me. A couple months of back and forth, I finally went out to Camarillo and we filmed a brief commercial in commemoration of the restaurant’s 50th anniversary.

2) Spoke on a panel for the Southern California Lawyers’ Association at Peking Tavern. Joining me was David R. Chan, the man who has eaten at 6000 Chinese restaurants and Jonny Hwang, the founder of the 626 Night Market. It was such a lovely evening and I just want to say that I’m absolutely humbled at the amount of people I met who have been reading my writing and follow me reguarly. Special kudos to the people who personally encouraged me to keep on writing about Chinese food and said that it helps them keep in touch with their roots. Though it may not seem like it — this gig gets tough sometimes. Churning out article after article can feel meaningless, especially when I can’t really measure how many people the article really reached and whether or not people actually care. That’s the thing about writing. I do so much of it, and a good portion of it seems to be lost in cyberspace. I’m always pleasantly surprised to learn that it’s not lost on the general public. It’s really events like this one that keep me motivated. To know and to be reminded that I’m making a difference, however minimal, is very special to me. So thank you SCCLA for the wonderful opportunity and for everyone else — please keep the feedback coming.

Positive or negative, anything constructive is always well-appreciated. Whether or not it’s a restaurant recommendation or something as simple as a ‘Like’ on a Facebook post, anything and everything helps.