Farewell To Yesterday, Hello 2014

Our NYE view

Our NYE view

I always get sentimental when the New Year rolls around, mainly because in the last couple of years, each one has marked a major shift in my life. I truly believe the start of the year is the time to make resolutions, to change for the better and look forward to the future.

Some say you can make resolutions any time, any day. But for me, there’s something particularly special about a universal restart of the calendar and the seasons.

Last year was a miracle. I started off 2013 newly graduated, jobless, and back in L.A. after a four year stint in New York City. I had just emerged from the depths of a painful depression, but was cautiously hopeful. My New Years Eve was spent at a raging party in Thailand with my best friend — drunk, single, and 21.

There was a photo that emerged from that night of me holding up a sparkler, with a man whose name I don’t and will never remember. It was the first photo of 2013 and the first in a long while where I actually looked genuinely happy.


And so with that photograph in mind, I resolved to make 2013 a year of recovery and hope. A year to get back on my feet, get a job, and be finally become emotionally healthy. The year blew my mind away. I ended up on the Travel Channel, started writing for the L.A. Times, got a job at KCET, had multiple T.V. stints and newspaper appearances. On the personal front, I met my current boyfriend — a wonderful man who brings out the best in me.

My New Years Eve this time around couldn’t have be anymore different. I spent the Eve with Clark, parked on a vantage point that overlooked the entire Bay Area. When the clock struck midnight, we said our farewells to 2013 as multiple fireworks lighted up the cities and the bay underneath us. It was quiet, comfortable celebration with lots of blankets, layers, and a good bag of chips.

What will 2014 bring?

Last year was a period of recovery. This year will be one of growth. I finally have a better sense of who I am and what I want to be. Last year it felt like I was just blindly throwing darts and going with whatever stuck. Now I finally feel like I can see the bigger picture.

While I have a feeling the changes this year won’t be as dramatic as the last, I’m looking forward to strengthening my current relationships — both professionally and personally.

Cheers to the New Year.