Launching Xian Wei — A Private Regional Chinese Dinner Series

I’m pleased to announce a private dinner series I’m collaborating on with some of my high school colleagues. It’s called Xian Wei. As a rule, I don’t do partnerships unless I truly believe in the talent… and believe me, Luther Chen, the chef, is someone I completely back up. His attention to detail is marvelous and most importantly — the food is delicious.

He’s only 19.

Luther and his business partner Kenny invited me to their San Pedro house a couple months back, where he treated us to a fine meal that consisted of homemade tofu and fish balls. Also on the menu: wonderfully cumin-seasoned lamb. Xinjiang-style, and a pork belly — cooked the way Chairman Mao liked it but topped over risotto. Phoenix claws were also on the menu and garnished with tongue-numbing green peppercorns.

The dinner is Chinese-themed and each individual course will be a tribute to a different region of China. While Luther will do most of the talking, I will also be on hand to explain the different flavor profiles of the differing regions plus some historical background on the dishes.

This is going to be an invitation-only dinner and you can sign up here. Our website has all the details. Our suggested donation is $75.

All the ingredients are sourced locally. Most of it is organic. Nothing is bought in bulk. Chef Chen does all his own foraging. There are five individual courses and each of them have dozens of components to them.

This isn’t a family-style Chinese meal. It’s a fine-dining experience and yes, we expect the price to go up for this particular event.

We only have one event on our schedule right now, but we’re anticipating much doing more with different price ranges (some on the more affordable end, no worries). No guarantees on the future, of course.
This is just what we have now.

The dinner will be held at a non-disclosed location in San Pedro. Only paid attendees will get the address.

I’m super stoked for this. This is truly my passion — teaching people about the regional differences in Chinese cuisine. My food tour groups (hi guys!) know how much I love these interesting nuggets of information and I can’t wait to share them with you in person.

Let me know if you have any questions. We’re all friends here.

Oh yeah. BYOB. Ain’t no Chinese party without the booze.





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