Introducing Curated Gnomes: Curated Culinary Experiences + Chinese Food Tours!!


So I’ve been leading Chinese food tours in the San Gabriel Valley for awhile. It’s been pretty casual — consisting of a couple posts on this blog and my social media accounts. I’ve led three on-camera tours, two private group ones, and at least five to six public tours.

It’s been a weird, sporadic journey…but I finally pulled it together and created a company for my tours. It’s called Curated Gnomes. Gnomes = a play on the word nom.

Though we’re sticking to Chinese food tours right now, we’re currently in the works of bringing in other food bloggers & experts to curate their own tours and events. The catch? Everything has to have an educational angle.

Our next tours are Sunday, March 23 + Saturday, April 5.

All the details here.