Not everything is on here but here’s a general compilation of some of the work I’ve done in regards to Asian food.  

Interviews conducted in Chinese and translated
Q&A With Chef Ho Chee Boon of Hakkasan New York: Flavors Around the World + Chinese Fine Dining
(Village Voice)
Q & A With Shi Peng and Phillip Fu of JTYH: Noodle-Making, Media Fame + a Noodle Video
(LA Weekly)

6 Great Dim Sum Dishes at Sea Harbour (LA Weekly)
Decoding Dean Sin World: Mrs. Lu’s Background, Wholesale Business + Crab Shell Pastry (LA Weekly)

Q & A With John Huang of Mao’s Restaurant: Hunan Cuisine, Electrical Engineering, Fish Heads + The Expansion of Chinese Food In L.A.
Restaurateur George Yu Talks Cantonese Food and Sleep Deprivation (KCET)

Meet David R. Chan: The Man Who Has Eaten At Over 6,000 Chinese Restaurants    (LA Weekly)
6 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About the Boba Truck + New Oxnard Store Location (LA Weekly)
626 Night Market Organizers Respond to Community Feedback (LA Weekly)
Q & A with The Fung Brothers: Food Nerds, Asian Vegetable Superiority (LA Weekly)
Q & A with ‘626 Night Market’ Founder Jonny Hwang: Community, Street Food (LA Weekly)
Q & A With Yisrael Aharoni, Israeli Celebrity Chef: Chinese Food In Israel, Hollywood + Being A DJ
Q & A with David R. Chan: 6,165 Chinese Restaurants, Googling Himself + Flying Out To Springfield
Q & A with Boba 7 Founder Elton Keung: Green Tea Heineken, Labobatory + Alcoholic Boba
Ching-He Huang: How To Throw A Chinese New Year Banquet (CityEats)

Best Of Food Lists
Shanghai’s best Western food under RMB 50 (CNNGo)
50 Best Chinese Restaurants in the USA (CNNGo)
10 Best Dim Sum Restaurants in Los Angeles (LA Weekly)
10 Best Handmade Noodle Restaurants in Los Angeles (LA Weekly)
Taste Test: Best Dan Dan Noodles in New York City (Village Voice)
Best Shaved Ice In Los Angeles
(CBS Los Angeles)
Best Taiwanese Restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley
(CBS Los Angeles)
Best Hot Pot Restaurants In Los Angeles (CBS Los Angeles)

10 Best Taiwanese Breakfast Restaurants in Los Angeles (LA Weekly)
10 Best Eats In Arcadia: Neighborhood Grub Crawl (LA Weekly)
Best Hong Kong Waffles in Los Angeles (CBS Los Angeles)
4 Great Places For Tianjin Buns In Los Angeles (LA Weekly)
5 Great Indonesian Restaurants In Los Angeles (LA Weekly)
10 Best Soup Dumplings in Los Angeles (LA Weekly)
Best Chinese Noodles in Los Angeles (Discover LA)
4 Ways to Enjoy Stinky Tofu in Los Angeles (KCET)
Guide to LA’s Best Dim Sum (Time Out LA)
Top 4 Stinky Tofu in LA (LA Times)
10 Best Hainan Chicken Dishes in Los Angeles (LA Weekly)
10 great places in the city to get dumplings (Time Out LA)
4 Great Beijing-Style Restaurants in Los Angeles (KCET)

General Asian Food
10 Essential Chinese New Year Dishes (LA Weekly)
85C Bakery Cafe: Squid Ink Bread + A New Location in West Covina (LA Weekly)
L.A.’s Idea of Taiwanese Food vs. What Taiwanese People Really Eat (LA Weekly)
A Crash Course In Chinese Dining Etiquette (Settling Magazine)
A Guide to a Traditional Taiwanese Breakfast (Serious Eats)
Vegetarian Chinese Restaurant in Los Angeles (Serious Eats)
Peking Tavern: Northern Chinese Gastropub to Open in DTLA (LA Weekly)

10 Dishes From Happy Garden: Offal, Really Authentic Taiwanese + Shutting Down Soon (LA Weekly)
Milk and Honey Opening 2nd Location (LA Weekly)
Boiling Point Grand Opening (LA Weekly)
Cal Fresh Vikon: Buddhist-Style Chicken in the San Gabriel Valley (LA Weekly)
5 Places to Get Peking Duck Today + Happy Peking Duck Day! (LA Weekly)
Limer35’s Birthday Countdown: 41 Hours Of Cake (LA Weekly)
Chef’s Choice: 5 Dishes You Should Order at Farm Cuisine in Los Angeles (Serious Eats)
Sticky Rice Opens at Grand Central Market + What Else is Coming (LA Weekly)
626 Night Market Returns: Summer Nights + Beer Garden (LA Weekly)
Korean BBQ Update: Oo-Kook Now Open in the SGV + A Salad Bar (LA Weekly)
Bhanu’s: Indian Cuisine in the SGV, a Grocery Store + Where to Find Ghost Chiles (LA Weekly)
10 Essential Chinese New Year Dishes (LA Weekly)
Where To Get Faux Shark Fin in Los Angeles (KCET)
Quirky frozen treats at the Ice Bar (LA Times)
At Yi-Mei Deli, you choose what goes into your roll (LA Times)
Five Places To Get Taiwanese Meatballs (LA Times)
Best Egg Tarts In Los Angeles (CBS Los Angeles)
Behind the scenes of Ocean Star (LA Weekly)
Authentic Chinese Food in Los Feliz (LA Times)
Sam Woo Thanksgiving (LA Times)
Bugis Street, popular Singapore tourist spot in DTLA (LA Times)
UC Davis Confucius Food Institute (LA Times)

Regional Chinese Specialities
10 Classic Taiwanese Dishes (LA Weekly)
Five Chiuchow Restaurants in Los Angeles (LA Weekly)
Where To Find Guilin Noodles in Los Angeles (LA Weekly)
What is Authentic Yunnan Food? A Guide From Los Angeles (Serious Eats)
A Brief Introduction to Chinese Islamic Food (Serious Eats)
Get To Know Tianjin Food in Los Angeles (Serious Eats)
5 Unique Riffs on Chinese Food In Los Angeles (KCET)
Asian-Inspired Pastries at Oh My Pan Bakery and Tea (KCET)
Beyond Fiery Spices at Chengdu Taste (KCET)
Small-Batch Chinese Noodles In L.A., Available Only A Few Hours A Day (KCET)
Roasted Ducks And Cantonese BBQ At Sam Woo (KCET)
Shen Yang Restaurant (Serious Eats)
Hong Kong cafes  (LA Times)
Silk Road Garden: Discovering Uyghur Cuisine In Los Angeles (Serious Eats)
Garage Restaurant, a Tianjin-style breakfast restaurant in Monterey Park (LA Times)
Dalian-Style Cuisine in Los Angeles (KCET)
Tianjin-Style Cuisine in Los Angeles (KCET)
Hunan-Style Cuisine in Los Angeles (KCET)
Shenyang-Style Cuisine in Los Angeles (KCET)
Xi’an Cuisine in Los Angeles (KCET)

Event Coverage
LuckyRice Festival 2012: Celebrity Chefs, Asian Night Market and a Hawaiian Luau (Village Voice)
A Slice of Taiwan with Food and Booze (Village Voice)
Sound Bites and Celebrity Chefs at LuckyRice’s Grand Feast (Village Voice)
Los Angeles: Snapshots from the Lucky Rice Night Market (Serious Eats)
626 Night Market. Part 2. (LA Weekly)

626 Night Market. Part 3, Preview (LA Weekly)
Best Vendors From the 626 Night Market (LA Times)
20 Asian-Inspired Bites from The Lucky Rice Festival in Los Angeles (Serious Eats)
Sticky Rice soft-opened in the Grand Central Market (LA Weekly)

About Asia
Ultimate Guide to Suzhou (CNN)
Free art in Shanghai (BBC)
10 authentic China trips for 2012 (CNN)

20 reasons to visit Shanghai in 2012

Day Trip Diary- Nanjing (Settling Magazine)
Day Trip Diary- Suzhou (Settling Magazine)
Taiwan: A Food Tour of 5 Night Markets (Serious Eats)

Snapshots from China: The Best Things I Ate in Xiamen (Serious Eats)
Bugging out: 5 extreme foods at Beijing’s night market (CNN)
25 Things To Must Eat From Tainan: Taiwan’s Culinary Center [Serious Eats]
This is a Real Taiwanese Breakfast [Serious Eats]
Taiwan: A Food Tour Of 5 Night Markets [Serious Eats]
Snapshots from Taiwan: What We Ate at a Chinese Wedding Banquet (Serious Eats)

NYU students ease winter chill, loneliness for Chinese factory workers (USAToday)
Asian American studies programs face an uphill battle as budget cuts loom (USAToday)

Opinion Articles
Clarissa Wei: American-Chinese food is real Chinese food (CNN)
An American in disguise in rural China (CNN)
Alison Gold’s ‘Chinese Food’ Is Racist (KCET)


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