Clarissa Wei is a writer & entrepreneur based in Los Angeles.

She currently has her own weekly food column at KCET, owns a food tour company, and is one of the founders of an ongoing Chinese dinner series in Los Angeles.  She is also an assistant web producer at KCET and a food scout for the Los Angeles Times.

Her works have appeared on the LA Times, USA Today, CNN, the Village Voice, LA Weekly, NY Times, xoJane, CBS Los Angeles, Time Out Los Angeles, the Food Network, the Travel Channel, Serious Eats and the Huffington Post… among other publications.

Clarissa held 12 internships throughout college, was an editor at NYU’s daily newspaper and in her junior year, was selected to be a USA Today correspondent for their college site. She soon transitioned into freelance work and was hired as a regular, daily food blogger for the Village Voice in New York during her last semester of college. During her time there, she penned a travel column titled “Postcards From China” where she wrote about her culinary findings abroad.

Her specialty is Chinese food and culture. 

In May of 2013, Clarissa was featured on Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods in his “Hidden Los Angeles” episode and since then has been invited to share her expertise on CBS Los AngelesLA-18, AFP/Yahoo News, KCET, the Associated Press and on various panels around town, including one with Jonathan Gold. She has also been regularly featured in the largest Chinese newspaper in North America  — the World Journal (世界日報).  


Los Angeles Times
LA Weekly
Village Voice
CBS Los Angeles
Serious Eats
Time Out Los Angeles
Los Angeles Tourism Board
Pasadena Magazine
City Search
The Food Network
The Travel Channel
USA Today
The New York Times 

At a Chinese food panel with Jonathan Gold

At a Chinese food panel with Jonathan Gold



One comment

  1. grand

    Hello Clarrisa!
    When are you coming back LA? I would like to eat with you and check out new restaurants too! I have been to a lot of restaruants in So Cal and some in Norcal and New York & Taiwan. Let’s chat sometime, I am not sure if you like to chinese music but I know some close singers in Taiwan. Well take care!

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